I was born in a very small Portuguese village. The earliest memories I have from my childhood were always of me playing a character in a fantasy world, where all my dreams were possible and beautiful. This disconnection from reality was a way to mask and escape from a reality not always easy or suitable for a child. 
The fantasy dreams and fairy tale vision of the world became more real when I started to work in the photography business and I managed to incorporate some of these personal emotions into my photos. The search for image perfection and dreamy interpretations led my work to a specific style.
 From photographing portraits since a very young age, I was able to understand the importance of light in a photograph and use that as a starting point to explore and develop my skills. 
In my Artwork I am looking to express emotions in order to  understand how humans overcame their fears & traumas and also how we are so controlled by emotions. I look for a fictional interpretation of reality intending to bring some notion of fear & trauma control to my images, creating a dramatic effect whilst also expressing and incorporating my own personal experience.
Presently living in England, I collaborate in various projects, I integrate visual artist teams and I do some personal projects alongside.
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